Les Mouettes D'Arvor Skipjack Tuna in Catalan Sauce

Spanish Pig

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A delicious tuna in a traditional Catalan sauce made from tomato, vegetables and white wine. Taste the Mediterranean in a tin! 

To serve, we like to remove the contents from the can and warm gently in the microwave and serve as a tapa with some crackers or bread. A warm and satisfying lunch.

Named after the native seagulls, Les Mouettes d’Arvor is a cannery from Concarneau, Brittany. This third generation company have expanded their facilities, while retaining their artisanal roots. They offer a broad range of canned fish prepared the French way with quality ingredients like butter, mustard, wine and garlic.

  • Ingredients: Catalan sauce 37% (water, sunflower oil, tomato concentrate 8.6%, sugar, salt, white wine and alcohol vinegars, white wine (sulphites), pepper), vegetables 31% (carrot, peppers, leek), tuna 31%.
  • 160g