Espinaler Sauce

Spanish Pig

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Vibrant in taste and color, Salsa Espinaler is an exquisitely balanced blend of savory and acidic and was made specifically to be enjoyed with Spanish conserva.

World-famous since the 1950’s, its secret blend of vinegar, peppers, and spices was first developed by Ventureta Roldos, the wife and partner of then-owner Joan Tapas, who blended the highest quality local ingredients to create conserva alchemy.

Dowse freely on tuna, clams, sardines, and mackerel, or drizzle some into a salad dressing made from the umami-rich tin oil leftover from your spent tins.

TASTING: vinegary, deep, savoury
INGREDIENTS: Vinegar, Red Pepper, Spices
MADE IN: Catalonia