Flor Del Delta Salt

Spanish Pig

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The chef recommends: The flaked salt decorates and enhances the flavor of many dishes.
Applications: Flake salt can be used for all dishes.

About FLOR DEL DELTA – since 1946, On the Mediterranean coast of Spain, between the cities of Valencia and Barcelona, we find the Delta del Ebro Natural Park, it is the second most important wetland in the Western Mediterranean, and one of the few almost wild coastal environments. A protected area populated only by birds, some in danger of extinction. The extraction of salt in this unique place, began in the fourteenth century and continues to develop today in the so-called Salinas de la Trinidad. To this micro habitat, restricted to the few people who live or work in it, only seagulls and flamingos that nest in the area have free access. This circumstance is essential to guarantee the harvest of a completely natural product away from sources of contamination.