Jose Gourmet Codfish with Parsley Pate - 75g

Spanish Pig

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Celebrated as flaky, fresh, and mild - codfish makes a luxurious pate. Silky smooth and fluffy in texture, rich umami is balanced perfectly with fresh parsley.

Jose Gourmet has been making tinned fish pate for years, and this latest effort showcases their mastery. To honor and even elevate a renowned fish like baccala is no small feat, but they have done it with grace and taste. A perfect picnic tin waiting for a hearty cracker, some fresh veggies, and smiling friends in the park.

TASTING: silky, rich, umami, herbal
PAIRING: amaro, light white wine, pilsner or gose style beer
SERVING: perfect picnic spread with crackers, hearty cheese, fresh veggies
REGION: Portugal