Spanish Pig

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Pleasant pumpkin, earthy walnut, and warm cinnamon—this abundant harvest of flavors has pizazz. As Portugal’s most famous jam, luscious pumpkin preserve is wildly adored.

Pumpkin jam was born from an old-fashioned recipe when agriculture was mainly for subsistence. Today, pumpkins mixed in this marmalade are planted by local farmers…exclusively for JOSÉ Gourmet. Year after year, seeds from the previous year’s most prized pumpkins are delivered to these same farmers. Tiptop quality guaranteed.

This confiture is tasty and nutritious. Pumpkins are a rich source of antioxidants, walnuts can lower bad cholesterol, and cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar levels. Get your jam on!

JOSÉ Gourmet jams are affectionately handmade with traditional recipes and approximately 70% fruit and 30% sugar. No artificial chemicals are used and conservation is naturally obtained by pasteurization in large pots of boiling water.

Pairing: red wines, e.g. cabernet franc, IPAs, whiskey neat or cocktails, e.g. hot toddy, turmeric tea
Serving: pair with cheese curds, dried fruits (apricot, date, prune), cinnamon toast; use as a pie filling
Region: Portugal

Ingredients: pumpkin, walnut, cinnamon, sugar