How to Build a Spanish Charcuteria Board

If you´ve ever wondered how to build a beautiful charcuterie board, look no further. We´ll walk you through the steps to build this stunning board filled with Spanish cured meats, cheese and accompaniments. So, next time you are entertaining friends or family, pull these simple ingredients together and watch them swoon. The best part is you can scale it up or down depending on how many people you are serving, and vary the accompaniments to suit your tastes.

Spanish charcuterie board

1. Choose your foundation

Start with a wooden, marble or slate board or even a large flat serving plate would work. Choose the size to fit the number of guests you are serving. Keep in mind that you want to fill up the board and fill in all the gaps.

Next, choose some small dishes or bowls to add structure to your board, and to conveniently hold some of your smaller items like nuts, olives or condiments.

2. Arrange larger items like cured meats and cheeses

Place your larger items like cheese and sliced cured meats in groups around your board. In this case, we have used the Spanish Pig Primavera Charcuteria Selection which has everything you need to recreate this board.

We started by laying out the cured meats such as Serrano ham, Bellota ham, salchichón and chorizo. Then we added the manchego cheese and cut a few wedges for guests to start with.  

3. Fill in your board with smaller items

Next, fill a bowl or two with items like green olives and condiments like our piquillo pepper jam that works really well with the cheese and add them to the board. Fill in all the smaller gaps with more smaller goodies like nuts and guindilla peppers. Lastly, add your favourite crackers or bread along with fresh fruits or veggies to add colour and fill in the rest of the gaps. The trick with your charcuterie board is to ensure there is a feeling of abundance and variety, as well as colour. 

Now you´re ready to dig in and enjoy sharing your beautiful Spanish charcuteria board with your guests. Que aproveche!