How to have a tapas night at home

Are you tired of eating the same thing over and over?  Do you miss that little restaurant that caters to everything from your taste buds to your need to experience culture? Here’s an idea, why not bring Spain to your home by creating a tapas night? The only thing more fulfilling than preparing your own tapas will be watching as your family enjoy your soul-satisfying dishes. So whether you are catering for two, a small or large family, here’s how to enjoy a tapa(rific) night in.

Your tapa dishes can be cold, hot or a combination of both. While preparing cold dishes makes for a faster and an easier process, it is important to strike a balance between cold and hot.  This balance will aid in providing a variety of dishes that is both rich in flavor and texture. So put on some music, grab your charcuterie board and let’s go!

A tapas night isn’t one without Spanish ham based dishes. When you think ham, think Jamon Iberico and Jamon de Trevelez. These can be served alone or paired with Baguette or Chapata (crusty bread). For an even more traditional Spanish feel, you can lay ham slices on a wedge of honeydew melon or simply rub fresh garlic and tomato on your toasted bread and lay a slice of ham on top. These combinations with the subtly sweet flavor of the ham are absolutely divine; especially during summer nights and will no doubt bring the taste of Spain home.

Do not forget to add Chorizo to your board! With its diverse taste, this deep smoky, salty and sometimes tangy flavored ingredient will transport you to Spain itself. Its ruby red color, a testament to its quality, will add to the aesthetic of your Spanish theme. We like to simply cut Chorizo into circular pieces and then serve alongside Spanish cheese, such as Manchego and quince jelly, olives or a combination. Be sure to also incorporate Sangria or Spanish wine. Wines such as Tempranillo and Garnacha are affordable, available and pair well with Tapas.

For more selection, try adding a croquette dish. These small fried morcels might be simple but pack an amazing punch of texture and tasty goodness. Your croquette can be stuffed with anything from cheese to meat or vegetables. However, we love a filling of Iberian ham mixed with cheese. Add these to your croquette along with your béchamel sauce and experience the flavours exploding in your mouth.

To complete the perfect tapas night, create the mood by playing a little Spanish guitar music in the background. Paco De Lucia or Tomatito is our recommendation.

 Que Aproveche!