Matrimonio (Marriage) Montadito

One of our new favourite things to eat is this montadito, called Matrimonio which is Spanish for marriage. This is our adaptation of the classic, with the pairing of white anchovy (boqueron) and dark Cantabrian anchovy (anchoa). You will find these served in tapas and pintxo bars all over Spain. The name is fitting as the flavour combinations are a marriage made in heaven!

Start by adding a homemade romesco sauce to some good bread, toasted and sliced into long pieces. You could also use pan con tomate as the base instead of romesco sauce if you prefer.

Next place a tangy boqueron, which has been marinated in oil and vinegar, cross the top of the romesco sauce, followed by its partner, the salty and umami rich Cantabrian anchovy. If you want to be really chefy and turn your meal into something restaurant worthy then add some olive oil caviar on top just before serving.

This is so fast to make and so crazily delicious that it almost feels like cheating. We enjoyed it with glass of dry sherry, but a glass of Albariño would be as equally fitting. 

Que aproveche!