Top 10 Spanish Recipes of 2021

Bring the taste of Spain home with these simple Spanish recipes! We've rounded up our top ten most visited Spanish recipes in 2021. On this list, you'll see many of the traditional tapas bar classics, along with some heartier main dishes and versatile sauces that will add a Spanish flair to your dishes. 

10 - Shrimp with Garlic (Gambas al Ajillo)

gambas al ajillo

 In tenth spot is the tapas bar classic, shrimp with garlic or gambas al ajillo. So popular for good reason, this dish is easy and quick to make and goes well served as part of a tapas spread or on its own as a main. Don't forget the best part - a baguette to dip in the garlicky oil.

9 - Seafood Paella

seafood paella

The quintessential Spanish dish is in ninth place, sunny and bright in both colour and flavour, you really can't go wrong with a seafood paella. While making this dish may seem like a big undertaking, this recipe is actually quite simple so long as you have the right ingredients. 

8- Chorizo in Red Wine

chorizo in red wine

In eighth place is another classic tapas bar dish with only a few simple ingredients. This dish is so easy to make and packs a punch with its deep, paprika flavour. Plus, it's always nice to add a hot dish to your tapas spread without a lot of effort.

7 - Stuffed Eggplant with Manchego (Berenjenas Rellenas)

stuffed eggplant with manchego

In seventh place are Berenjenas Rellenas (Stuffed Eggplant) - roasted eggplant loaded with meat and manchego cheese. The traditional Spanish recipe is proof that big, bold flavours are easy to achieve with a simple list of quality ingredients. This version uses ground beef seasoned with pimenton de la vera (smoked paprika) and is topped with Manchego cheese.

6 - Alioli (Garlic Mayo)


In sixth place, is Alioli is the quintessential Spanish dipping sauce, originally from Catalonia, Spain. In fact, the name alioli comes from the Catalan words for its two key ingredients - all (garlic) and oil (oli). This sauce is versatile and compliments many other Spanish dishes. We especially love it served with fries or patatas bravas. 

5 - Pisto Manchego

pisto manchego

Similar to a ratatouille, pisto manchego is a combination of veggies such as onion, pepper, tomato and zuchinni cooked down with paprika. A lovely side dish or can be served as a main with a fried egg on top. Vegetarian dishes are not always easy to find on Spanish menus, but this dish fits the bill if you leave out the jamón serrano.

4 - Mussels with Chorizo

mussels with chorizo

In fourth place is our mussels with chorizo. A simple, yet flavourful dish, all made in one big pot. Mussels always add a sense of occasion to a meal, and this version with chorizo, white wine and parsley really amps up the flavour. Crusty bread to mop up the juices is a must for this dish.

3 - Pinchos Morunos

pinchos morunos
 Spanish cooking incorporates an array of spices and ingredients from the times of Moorish rule, like these pork skewers that are seasoned with cumin, chilli and fennel. You can serve these skewers as a tapa or as a main with some romesco sauce or alioli, as well as some grilled vegetables, potatoes or salad.

2 - Romesco Sauce

romesco sauce
 In second place, and rightfully so, is our romesco sauce recipe. Romesco is a tomato-based sauce made with ground almonds that was created in Cataluña by the local fishermen to be eaten with fish. We like to replace the roasted tomatoes with roasted piquillo peppers, which makes it super simple to make and truly delicious.

1 - Meatballs with Serrano Ham, Lemon and Olives

meatballs the spanish way
 A regular feature on our menu and in first place, are these meatballs with serrano ham, lemon and green olives. At Spanish Pig, we have tried many versions of albondigas, but this version inspired by British chef Rick Stein, takes everyday Spanish pantry items and turns your average meatballs into the zingiest of meatballs. 

There you have it, our top 10 most popular Spanish recipes from the Spanish Pig blog in 2021. We hope you enjoy making these. Check out the Hog´s Blog for lots more delicious Spanish recipes.