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Olé Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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The Olé Gift Box will impress whoever you send it to (it is totally fine to send it to yourself too!).

It includes Premium Farga Millenial Extra Virgin Olive Oil that originates from 1000 year old olive trees. This olive oil is truly special, and some of the purest in the World. 

Also included is some melt in the mouth ham from acorn fed pigs (jamón de bellota). It is simply outstanding and exclusive to this gift box. Hand carved in Canada and a must for any foodie.

Manchego cheese is probably the best known Spanish cheese and for good reason. Our 12 month aged manchego is a favourite with our customers and will go faster than you can say "que aproveche!". 

I can't emphasize how decadent and wonderful our confit piquillo peppers from LC are. Add them to a salad and elevate it to the next level or serve it alongside the manchego cheese for a delicioius tapas combination. It is one of our favourite products that we carry, and dozens of customers have written in to tell us as much as well.  

Our canned tuna is nothing like store bought tuna, this is tuna belly tuna from Cambados and comes in long beautiful firm fillets of the best canned tuna you will have tasted, simply outstanding.

Talking of out of this World canned seafood, the chargrilled octopus from Gueyu Mar is better than a lot of restaurant-served octopus we have tried (in Spain or in Canada). It is tender and will impress the most discerning of seafood lovers. Buenisimo!

Marcona almonds are nothing like their Californian "cousins", they must be tried to understand what a treat these nuts are. These nuts are flavoured with olive oil and they are so yummy. Perfect snack alongside a pre-dinner drink.

Everything comes in a beautiful red box with magnetic closure making it the perfect gift for clients, loved ones or a special treat for yourself!