Alalunga Mackerel in Olive Oil - 138g

Spanish Pig

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Flaky, flavour forward filets bathed in their own juices and Arbequina olive oil. These line-caught treasures are the pinnacle of simplicity.

At the end of winter each year, mackerel pass through the Cantabrian Sea. They’re caught one by one in small boats early in the morning, and sold a few hours later in the fish market close to port. Alalunga handles them like the treasure they are.

TASTING: flaky, meaty, moist
PAIRING: gruner, sweet riesling
SERVING: chevre, marcona almonds, sharp cheddar INGREDIENTS: mackerel (Scomber scombrus), Arbequina EVOO, olive oil, spring mineral salt
CAUGHT IN: Cantabrian Sea