Ar De Arte Galician Fried Mussels in Pickled Sauce (110g)

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Ar de Arte mussels comes from the Ría de Arousa, considered the area where the best mussel in the world are extracted from.

It is grown in rafts, a traditional indigenous breeding system that respects the natural growth of this bivalve and allows the sustainability of its extraction.

After a meticulous selection of food size and quality, fry just enough to give firmness and texture, appreciable in every bite. From this moment, the secret of their mussel, the hands of Galician women, enters the scene. They are in charge of cooking the sauce, cleaning the delicacies and packing, placing piece by piece for a presentation, simply perfect.

The design is based on a work by Galician atist Fernando Rei.

Ingredients: Mussels, olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic, spices and salt.


Gluten free

PRODUCER; Ar de Arte