Ramón Peña Ventresca (Yellowfin Tuna Belly) in Olive Oil (111g)

Spanish Pig

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The tuna belly has long be considered by many as the finest part of the tuna. These fillets are very tender and different from your average canned tuna. This ingredient will take a simple salad to the next level.

Ramon Pena ventresca is prepared in limited quantities. After each Bonito del Norte tuna is cooked in sea water, the delicate ventresca fillets are placed in a tin, always by hand, as machinery is not able to leave the tender fillet intact. The ventresca is then covered in olive oil, keeping it moist and enhancing its delicate flavor.

Ventresca is the finest part of the Bonito del Norte tuna - a special type of albacore. Each tuna is caught with a rod and line. This preserves the texture and flavor that can be damaged by the stress of harvesting by net. This method also assures that other creatures of the sea, such as dolphin or turtles, are not harmed.


Size: 111 g

Ingredients: Tuna belly (white tuna), olive oil, salt