Fangst Faroe Islands Salmon

Spanish Pig

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From the cool waters of the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands with their strong currents and protected fjords, are the perfect place for salmon. This Fangst salmon has been flash grilled and preserved in cold pressed rapeseed oil.

Delicious as an ingredient in dips or paté, or serve as part of a seacuterie brunch board with rye crackers, capers, red onions and lemon wedges. 

Fangst, which means ‘catch’ in Danish and Norwegian, is the name of the company that is rooted in Scandinavia and dedicated to the evolvement of Nordic food culture. This involves rediscovering foods and cooking methods that have been forgotten in this part of the world, and rediscovering the abundance of seafood in the Nordic oceans.

  • Ingredients: salmon, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, salt
  • 110g