Feliz Navidad Gift Box- Includes Free Shipping Anywhere In Canada ** Shipping week of 13th of December **

Spanish Pig

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*This is available week of the 13th of December onwards*

Whoever receives this Feliz Navidad Gift Box is about to have a Christmas fit for a King or Queen. Spoil your loved ones with this abundant box of goodies and make it a holiday to remember.

It includes four different kinds of Iberico de Bellota ham, which is the most prestigious type of ham available. It also includes more charcuterie, conservas, olives, almonds, sweets, premium olive oil and more.

Examples of what can be Included in the Feliz Navidad gift box is:

4 different kinds of bellota ham


Cured pork loin (lomo)- 100g

Premium Farga Millennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 

2 Kinds of Manchego cheese 

Confit piquillo peppers

Peperetes cockles,

Small Sardines in Olive Oil

Octopus in olive oil

Marcona Almonds

Polvorones (Almond cookies)

Turron duro