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Feliz Navidad Gift Box- Includes Free Shipping Anywhere In Canada

Spanish Pig

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Whoever receives this Feliz Navidad Gift Box is about to have a Christmas fit for a King or Queen. It includes four different kinds of Iberico de Bellota ham! They include a 5 year cured (yes, that's right 60 months of natural curing) Joselito Gran Reserva hand cut in Canada to order, a delicious melt in the mouth Señor de Montanera hand carved. Let's not forget the very special 38 month cured Cinco Jotas (5J), revered by ham loves around the World. Last but not least you will find the Señorio de Olivenza Bellota hand carved ham, a delightful ham that will impress. All hams are from 100% Iberian Pigs which, in later stages of their life live almost exclusively on a diet of acorns, that gives the nutty aroma and flavour to all of these delectable jamones.

We love lomo (cured pork loin) for its mild, tender texture and amazing aromas.  If you want to try the best lomo in Canada, then it has to be Joselito Lomo . When you open the packet and smell its contents you know you are into something good! 

Did you know that Spain produces more olive oil than any other country in the World? We have included one of the best ones around, Premium Farga Millennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes from 1000 Year old olive trees, amazing eh? Drizzle this on a vast number of dishes to bring it up a peg or two! A very special oil as part of a very special gift box. 

The Cameros cured (for over 75 days!) goats goats cheese is a favourite of ours at Spanish Pig and one is always found in the fridge in our household. Firm, beautifully aged and with a perfect balance of flavours. What better to go with a tapa of goats cheese than some confit piquillo peppers , oh my, we never knew a pepper could be so decadent. If you have (or even if you haven't) had a piquillo pepper, you MUST try these. There richness will make a boring salad into a Michelin star quality salad, you think we exaggerate? Go on....try them.

 At Spanish Pig we pride ourselves in having one of the largest selection of canned seafood in Canada and for this Feliz Navidad gift box we have chosen some crowd pleasers; Peperetes cockles, canned on the same day they are caught in Galicia, these cockles are sweet with hints of the sea where they are from, all beautifully cleaned.  small sardines in Olive Oil  are our biggest seller at Spanish Pig and you will see why when you taste them, not to be compared to the store canned sardines. Sardines on toast with these beauties is an experience not to be forgotten! To finish, how about some beautifully tender octopus in yep, you guessed correctly olive oil? Yum!

Cantabrian anchovies are a delightful morsel and sooo much more delicate than the anchovy you would find on a pizza, we have included a box of one of the best producers of anchovies in Spain, Pujado. Serve simply on a piece of toast and become a convert. 

Have you had marcona almonds before? They are not like your store bought almonds. These are creamier, flatter in texture, our Nogal marcona almonds with olive oil will disappear pretty quickly once they have been tasted. 

For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, It wouldn't be a Spanish Christmas without polvorones and turron duro.  Beautifully flaky polvorones that go lovely with a coffee (Spanish Pig tip; squeeze each individual packet of polvoron before eating so they dont become too crumbly when eating). With regards to the turron, crunchy almondy goodness! Nougart at its best.