For The Love of Jamón! (240g)

Spanish Pig

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Lo Love jamón? We thought as much, which is why we put together this array of amazing jamones. It includes 70g  of Joselito Gran Reserva Bellota ham, hand carved in Canada, if you've never had bellota ham before you will become a convert after trying this.....if you have had it before you will appreciate that this is one of the finest examples you have tried. Staying with Joselito, you will also get 70g of cured Joselito shoulder bellota ham, yes, that is right- 3 years of curing. The result is a melt in the mouth bellota ham, machine cut in Canada for our customers specially.

Of course we would be amiss to leave out serrano ham-100g of  hand carved serrano ham!


* all other items shown in the photo are not included (no grapes , olives or bread are included). 


** Gluten free products