Tapas Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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The Tapas gift box is the ideal gift to send to a client or loved one as an introduction to Spanish Pig's best-selling gourmet Spanish food. With this box, they'll be able to create a delicious charcuteria board or tapas spread with a quality selection of Spanish ham, chorizo and salchichón (like a mild salami), plus more Spanish goodies like tuna loins and olives, and have lots left over to enjoy later.

The attractive gift box will be sent straight to your recipients door and includes the following items; 

 Sierra Jamon Serrano (125g)

 Senorio Montanera chorizo vela (250g) 

Senorio Montanera Salchichon vela (250g) 

Senorio Montanera Chorizo Sliced (100g) 

Senorio Montanera Salchichon Sliced (100g) 

Sarasa Anchovy Stuffed Olives 

Serrats Tuna Loins 

Bread Sticks

* Please note that in some instances we may have to replace certain products with others that are very similar in price, flavour and size but could be a different brand.