La Brujula Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil (Skinless and Boneless)

Spanish Pig

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The moment we opened the can to taste these we knew we were into something good. In our opinion one of the finest products made by La Brújula, these sardines have had the utmost care taken when canning. 

Hand-selected, the skillful people at Brujula remove the skin and bones from the fish, in turn  producing a milder flavour and very pleasant texture. They are then lightly steamed, placed in salt and olive oil, and are finally separated according to their size.

La Brújula describes their cans as being pieces of art, to which they provide special attention and individual dedication. This is what makes them unique and a real treat: the way they handle their raw materials assures you eat one of the best canned sardines in the world.

Ingredients: small sardines, olive oil and salt