Lapa dos Gaivoes DOC 2015

Spanish Pig

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Experience the essence of Lapa dos Gaivoes DOC Joao Barbosa & Filos: Crafted from sustainably tended vineyards nestled 300 to 350 meters above the azure sea, ensconced on the sun-kissed slopes of the Serra de Sao Mamede in the northern enclave of Portalegre within Alentejo.

Handpicked grapes, delicately harvested in petite 12kg baskets, embark on a journey to the winery where they undergo meticulous destemming and gentle crushing within stainless steel tanks, ensconced in a cocoon of controlled temperatures. Here, fermentation commences, orchestrated by the natural yeasts cultivated amidst the vineyards' embrace.

Following this delicate dance of transformation, the wine matures gracefully in 225L French Oak barriques, a six-month sojourn that imparts complexity and character.

Taste:   Intense and wildly spicy with layers of ripe dark berry fruit, herbaceous and dried earth aromas. Full bodied ripe and juicy with a hint of violet, earthy spice and swathes of blueberry and plum.
Cellaring Potential:    10 years
Food Matching:    Full bodied with dark fruit make and earthy spice make this an ideal for braised meats accompanied by roast vegetables, potatoes. Also works well with full flavoured and aged cheeses.

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