Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Night” 500ml

Spanish Pig

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Full Name: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Night” - Nobleza del Sur - 50CL

Balanced and elegant, this olive oil made from a blend of Picual, Frantoio and Arbequina olives, will take you on a journey to Spain, in the ardent Andalusia, where this nugget is originally from.

On the nose this medium-intensity green fruitiness presents notes of green apple, tomato and chamomile, complemented on the palate by softer notes of dried fruits and pepper as well as balanced and delicate bitterness and ardence.

👉 Night oil is a tribute to the moth, a pollinating insect essential for biodiversity, which has found a sanctuary in the olive groves of the Nobleza del Sur estate, thanks to organic farming, respectful of biodiversity.