Farga Centennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml (100 Year Old Olive Trees) by Llum

Spanish Pig

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On the palate, this stunning olive oil is slightly spicy, with nicely balanced sweet and bitter undertones. Secondary retro-nasal aromas also come through, reminiscent of grass.

Extra virgin olive oil from Millennial & centennial trees. Farga olive olives are a variety from south of Catalonia & Baix Maestrat. The air of the Mediterranean, the soil is soft and the climate has qualities that help to cultivate and produce The world’s Purest Olive Oil.

 Olives are hand picked and are pressed in semidarkness, making it the purest olive oil in the World. This extra virgin olive oil will see the light for the first time when you open the box.

 The farga olive is one of the oldest olives cultivated in the world today. it is also one of the longest-lived. Located at the joining of Aragon, Catalonia and the Valencian region. In these lands, the olive trees have succeeded in surviving the successive civilizations over the centuries, always offering oils with unique qualities.