USISA Mojama- Dry Aged Yellowfin Tuna Loin)- Extra Quality (315g)

Spanish Pig

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Of the three recognised mojama quality grades, “Extra” is the best, coming from a more compact area of muscle, which gives you a softer texture, with less marked marbling than premium quality or sirloin mojama.

Mojama de Isla Cristina belongs to the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Identification “Mojama de Isla Cristina”. This label endorses and controls production to guarantee the careful processing of specially selected tuna.

Unlike most manufacturers, they make their mojama with only tuna and salt, and they don't add any colouring, flavouring or chemical preservatives.

The presence of white spots on the mojama is the result of salt precipitates caused by refrigeration, which disappear after a period of time at room temperature.

We love to cut as thin slices as possible, place the on a plate with some marcona almonds and a good lug of extra virgin olive oil.