Wildfish Cannery Smoked White King Salmon

Spanish Pig

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Caught with hook and line methods is this highly sought-after and rare white king salmon from Southeast Alaska. 

This salmon is delicate yet rich in flavour, with its sublte smoky notes, it is a special treat.

So good, we suggest serving it simply. Try is as part of a seacuterie board or brunch buffet with bagels or crackers and all the fixings.

Wildfish Cannery was founded in 1987 in Klawock, located on Price of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Today, the company is run by Chef Mathew Scaletta, who is dedicated to melding his fine-dining background (honed in foodie paradise Portland, Oregon) with his family’s craft.

  • Ingredients: King salmon, salt, pure cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, all-natural wood smoke
  • 270g