Brunch the Spanish Way

We all love a good brunch and unsurprisingly Spaniards even use the word themselves. While we often look to bacon to pack a flavourful punch to our breakfast dishes, in Spain, it is typical to use Jamon in dishes such as pan con tomate topped with Iberico ham or huevos rotos with ham and potatoes.

Our favourite is just that classic: fried potatoes and eggs (huevos rotos) topped with gorgeous iberico ham. See the fat of the ham melt into the hot potatoes to create the most unctuous brunch you have had in a while!

First, prepare and cook your potatoes the way you like them, there are no rules here, you can use French fries, oven fries, home fries or whichever you prefer.

Next up are the huevos (eggs), once again, you prepare them as you wish, although we would recommend sunny side up so that when you cut into the egg the yolk runs over the potatoes and the ham. Getting hungry yet?

Next, comes the star of the show, jamón Iberico. We would recommend using Iberico de Bellota shoulder ham for this or Iberico de Cebo (grain fed pigs), they will do the job nicely and will be easier on the wallet. Fry the ham until it becomes a crispier, not too much, you don’t want it too dry. Place the ham on top of the egg and potatoes, along with some fried crispy shallots on top, and there you have it, a brunch fit for kings!

A café con leche and freshly squeezed orange juice are the perfect compliment to this dish. For a boozy brunch, enjoy it with a good vermouth on ice or a glass of cava!

Que aproveche!