Salchichon, Lomo, Chorizo and Fuet: What's the difference?

Some of the best, most popular of typical Spanish food around the world and in Spain are the "embutidos" or sausages. There are many different recipes and sometimes different meats used to make them, but the main types of cured sausages are Salchichon, Lomo, Chorizo and Fuet. 

Salchichon is a sausage made by drying, smoking and cooking, then curing the meat. The sausage is generally made with pork, although other recipes use wild boar, venison or veal. The lean meat and fat (added to prevent dryness and add more intensity of flavour) is finely chopped, seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg, oregano and garlic, it is then encased in natural pork intestines, before being cured for several months to further intensify the flavour. Check out our range of premium Iberian Salchichon from Spain's top producers.

Another Iberico cold cut is Lomo, a delicious pork sausage with an intense natural flavour, firm texture and very appetising aroma. When sliced it reveals it's elegant red and white marbled interior which characterises it's appearance. This feature occurs due to the acorn fed diet (bellota) of the relatively free-roaming pigs. This diet makes Lomo one of the most natural meat products as the processing is limited to the meat being marinated with paprika. 

The most famous and highly popular sausages from the Spanish Charcuteria is Chorizo. Chorizo is a type of pork sausage from Spain and Portugal which is fermented, cured and / or smoked (or not). It may be eaten cold and without cooking or also added as an ingredient to many dishes, improving the flavour of stews for example. It is often eaten as an appetizer, in tapas or in "bocadillos" (Spanish filled - baguettes) or is grilled, fried or simmered in wine or apple cider. The name Chorizo probably originates from the Latin word "salsicia"  meaning salted ( and where the Spanish word for sausages, "salchicha" also comes from).. It is made from coarsely chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with garlic "pimenton" (smoked paprika) and salt. It can be classed as "picante" (spicy) or "dulce" (sweet) depending on the type of pimenton used, but there are a huge number of different regional varieties of Spanish Chorizo. The fattier versions are generally used for cooking. Visit our Chorizo section for all our available products.

Fuet is a Catalan thin dry cured, sausage of pork meat in a pork gut. It is flavoured with black pepper and garlic and sometimes aniseed, but unlike Chorizo contains no paprika. It can be sliced and eaten cold , but many leading Spanish chefs and cooking enthusiasts like to add Fuet to soups, casseroles and stews or it can be grilled and served on warm bread. Spanish Pig's quality end of the market Fuet products are extremely popular.

There are a wide variety of Spanish sausages or embutidos to choose from, why not try them all!