La Curiosa Scallops with garlic & olive oil

Spanish Pig

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Let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavours of Galicia with La Curiosa's can of Zamburiñas al Ajillo, a seafood delicacy with a spicy touch that will delight your senses.

Certified by the prestigious PESCADERÍAS seal and coming directly from the Cambados fish market, this preserve is a guarantee of quality and freshness.

Their Garlic scallops are carefully selected and prepared to preserve their softness and exquisiteness, despite being preserved. Each of these delicate scallops is immersed in an irresistible sauce of olive oil, fresh garlic and a spicy touch of pepper, creating an explosion of flavours that will transport you directly to the Galician coast. The silky texture of Zamburiñas is perfectly combined with the intense flavor of garlic and the subtle spiciness that characterizes this traditional recipe. Whether as an appetizer, tapa or complement to your dishes, this will have you coming back for more.