Cambados Cuttlefish Ink 90g

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The cuttlefish ink is the product obtained from natural cuttlefish bags. This will stain your best recipes with their characteristic color. It is an ideal complement to the preparation of dishes such as the classic squid in its ink or a delicious seafood rice.

“Conservas de Cambados” is based in Galicia in Northeast Spain. This is the region of the Arousa Ría, which is well-known not just for its size, but also for the richness of its marine life. The seas off the coast of Galicia in Northwest Spain are cool and rich in nutrients, making them an incredible fishing ground. “Conservas de Cambados” is located close to one of Spain’s largest Rías (estuaries), known as the 'Ría de Arousa'. Their facilities are very close to where the seafood is harvested, so they are able to use the freshest squid and shellfish available

Due to the presence of melanin in squid ink, it is known to have some great antioxidant potential. These antioxidants help fight free radicals and prevent oxidative damage, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.


*Gluten free