Joselito Ibérico de Bellota Pork Loin (Caña de Lomo) 100 grams (cut to order).

Spanish Pig

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We are so impressed with this lomo from Joselito, the moment you open the packet the amazing smell is already a sign of its quality.  
Caña de Lomo is made only with Iberian pig stock of Joselito's own cottage. This Caña de Lomo is made in winter, after the fattening. Later, the Joselito Pork Loin is smoked in natural fireplaces of oak wood. The Joselito Pork Loin has a long process of natural maturing of more than 6 months in Joselito drying chambers.
The Caña de Lomo has a reddish appearance of different shades, from intense red plum through carmine to a faded vermilion combined with the unmistakable juice of marbling edges; white lines that are intermixed to give rise to a piece of great flavour and aroma. A totally natural food without preservatives or additives, that provides health due to its high protein value for a healthy and balanced diet.
Que aproveche!