La Curiosa Sardine Gift Box (480g)

Spanish Pig

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Exclusive to Spanish, is this lovely selection of La Curiosa sardines.  

La Curiosa has a deep passion for the conservas trade, for the people of the sea, for their estuaries, for their environment and for their tradition. that is why they do things as they have been taught generation after generation.

La Curiosa continues to make their preserves only with food from the Galician Rías and make their sauces following traditional recipes, only with natural ingredients and without additives. Maintaining already forgotten processes such as the roasting of some fish.

This box contains:

* La Curiosa sardines with Lemon

* La Curiosa sardines with Padron Peppers

* La Curiosa with Olive Oil 

* La Curiosa with Spicy Olive OIl