Montaraz Iberico (50%) de Cebo (Grain Fed) Ham. Hand Carved 80g

Spanish Pig

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This Iberico ham is at an amazing price point. A 50% Iberico Cebo (grain fed) Ham from specially selected pigs and with a slow curing in natural dryers to achieve an unequaled texture, flavor and aroma.

Montaraz products are elaborated from a meticulous selection of Iberian pigs and a slow curing to give life to a delicacy, with an incomparable texture, flavor and aroma.

They are moved to a natural dryer in which humidity and temperature are controlled mainly by ventilation mechanisms. The temperature ranges between 15º and 30º C during the months that the drying lasts. In this time, the ham continues to dehydrate and also the sweating takes place (diffusion of the fat between the muscular fibers that will allow retaining the aroma once impregnated).

The final taste and aromas begin to be generated at this stage, thanks to a series of alterations produced in the proteins and fats of the ham.

Jamon Green Label: Jamón de Cebo de Campo Iberico (hams that come from crossed pigs so they are not 100% ibericos, bred in the wild in pastures and fed on natural pastures, aromatic herbs and feed).