The Great Spanish Bocadillo

 A bocadillo is a simple Spanish sandwich that consists of a loaf of crusty bread (baguettes) cut in half, coated with olive oil, then layered with the desired filling. It is this simplicity that has made the humble bocadillo one of the most iconic foods of Spain.  While most commonly eaten at lunchtime, the bocadillo is so flexible that you often see it eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So if you are in the mood to shake up your next lunch or picnic with a Spanish twist; here are a few options.

Bocadillo de calamares is one of the best-known bocadillo sandwiches in Spain. It consists of a crusty Spanish-style baguette, which has been sliced lengthwise and filled with fresh, crunchy fried calamari rings. The calamari are usually dipped in flour and fried in olive oil and it may be enhanced with olive oil or a drizzle of fresh lemon juice. 

Another variety of bocadillo is a bocadillo de salchichón. In its simplest form, this sandwich is made from a crusty bread layered generously with thin slices of salchichón (a Spanish dry-cured sausage or salami). To make the sandwich even juicer, the side of the baguette is cut and rubbed with a ripe tomato or olive oil. Other common additions to this simple sandwich include slices of cheese and tomatoes. In Spain, a bocadillo de salchichón is made at home or bought at bars, roadside eateries, and taverns. 

Made with Spanish bread and slices of Spanish ham such as jamón Serrano (Serrano ham) or jamón Iberico (Iberian ham), bocadillo de Jamón is another delicious Spanish treat.  The baguette (barra de pan) is cut in half along the middle then drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with ripe tomato and garlic to add more flavors and then layered with the ham; This sandwich can be enhanced by adding slices of cheese or strips of roasted peppers. 

Consisting of a crispy roll or Spanish-style baguette filled with slices of chorizo sausage, a bocadillo de chorizo is one of Spain’s most beloved varieties of bocadillo sandwiches. To add variations to the filling, roasted red peppers (piquillo peppers), slices of cheese or tomato. Usually eaten as a filling snack or lunch, this sandwich can also be enjoyed either cold or warm.

As one of the classic bocadillo sandwiches and perfect for vegetarians, bocadillo de tortilla is made of a thick slice of Spanish tortilla (potato and onion omelet) nestled between two slices of baguette. Usually bocadillo de tortilla is simple as bread and potato omelet, however occasionally, it’s drizzled with olive oil or rubbed with tomatoes or tomato sauce on the inside, or enhanced with condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, or Tabasco sauce. This delicious sandwich can be enjoyed either hot or cold, and is eaten as a hearty breakfast, filling snack or a simple dinner.

If you love delicious, mouth-watering Sandwiches with excellent fillings; try these bocadillos and add a taste of Spain to your next meal.

 Que Aproveche!