Redondo Iglesias Whole Leg of Bellota Ham (8kgs) - Cured 48 Months

Spanish Pig

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A very good quality 100% Iberico de of bellota (acorn fed pigs), whole leg of ham, bone in. This is melt in the mouth quality ham, cured for an amazing 48 months to reach that depth of flavour and texture. 

Pata Negra is expensive due to its lengthy and costly production process. Best eaten on its own or as a tapa simply served in small, thin slices on a plate. The meat is deep red in colour and develops an intensely nutty flavor at room temperature, which is reminiscent of the acorns the pigs graze on throughout their lives.

The Iberian pig can get by for long periods with little to eat, which cultivates the finely marbled meat and its melt-in-the-mouth texture. Because the pigs have been fed with acorns, you can also notice little white points that often occur throughout the ham.

Amazing stuff.


Que aproveche!