La curiosa razor clams navajas

Spanish Pig

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For those of us not already in the know Navajas or Razor Clams are meaty with a sweet shellfish taste that some compare to a scallop. This delicious tin of delicacies are dressed lightly in sea water, lemon, bay and a little onion. Eat straight from the tin or pop onto a hot grill and serve with a squeeze of lemon

The guys at La Curiosa don't boast a lengthy history in the world of canning-they are young and a bit nuts ( which will always resonate in our world!). Their mission is the best quality and taste using natural ingredients and no additives and are faithful defenders of Galician conservas. Their tasty seafood is carefully selected and packed by hand into gorgeously designed tins by artist Maria Jose Fernandez

7-10pieces -115g


razorclams (50.4%), water (47.4%) Salt (1.9%), lemon (0.2%), onion (0.1%), Bay leaf(0.1%)

origen FAO27 , Species: Ensis arcuatus ( Jeffreys, 1865)