Primavera Charcuteria Selection

Spanish Pig

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 Spring is finally here! Celebrate the start of longer days and warmer weather with our new Primavera Charcuteria selection. With a range of crowd pleasers, this is the perfect selection to share with friends and family.

Serves 6-8 as a generous sharing platte. Any excuse to gather with your nearest and dearest and enjoy some delicious Spanish food.

All products come in individual packages, fruit is not included. Find out how to build your beautiful Spanish charcuteria board on our blog.

The Primavera Charcuteria Selection includes:

Jamón Serrano (100g) 

Jamón Ibérico (60g)

Aged Manchego Cheese (300g) 

Piquillo Pepper Jam 

Chorizo (200g)

Sliced salchichón (100g) 

Marcona Almonds 

Anchovy Stuffed Green Olives

Picos Breadsticks