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Feast Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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Oh my, what a feast this box is. Where do we start?

Each box includes 3 different kinds of Ibérico de Bellota ham (from acorn fed pigs), all hand carved (195g in total).

Add to this, the Sierra Serrano ham which is beautifully soft and mild.

And finally for the cured Ibérico meats, this very special box also includes sliced Ibérico Chorizo (70g) and Salchichón (70g).

Also included are two amazing conservas (luxury canned seafood) that will impress you with their freshness, octopus in olive oil (120g) and small sardines in olive oil (120g). 

Piquillo peppers are a staple ingredient in Spain, so these confit piquillo peppers will elevate your next salad to a different level- we never knew that a pepper could be so decadent.

Speaking of decadence, Marcona almonds are wonderful and not to be compared with store bought almonds. These are flatter, creamier in texture and overall so moreish! 

Manchego cheese is ubiquitous to Spain and our award winning Manchego will show you why, this is a delicious cheese and will disappear very quickly! 

Two kinds of olives (pelotin and anchovy stuffed anchovies) will demonstrate why Spain is the largest exporter of olives in the World. Utterly delicious. 

Let's finish with some famous Spanish smoked paprika, saffron and extra virgin olive oil to encourage you to do some Spanish cooking at home. 

Either send it as a gift or treat yourself to the most amazing authentic Spanish feast!

Que aproveche!