ABC+ Trout Filets and EVOO & Lemon (120g)

Spanish Pig

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Packed with high quality olive oil and fresh lemon, the only job this tin serves is to deliver this delicate fillet to your table with freshness to rival your local river.

Trout is a freshwater fish, well known on the Portuguese menu. ABC+ sources theirs from the Rio Coura, in the north of the country. Rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, and flavor, this heavy hitter is a favorite in any sauce it shares. The EVOO & Lemon “sauce” is more of a preservation vehicle than a flavor pairing. Loaded with high quality olive oil and fresh lemon, this tin comes to you fresh and ready to experience all the flavor of fresh river fish.

SERVING: Atop crusty bread with a wide array of pairings, worked into a rice dish with fresh vegetables, shared out of the can with friends and smiles.
MADE IN: Portugal
CAUGHT IN: Rio Coura, Portugal