ABC+ Trout Fillets with Curry (120g)

Spanish Pig

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Flavours you’d never expect out of Portugal, this tin is genre bending in the most delectable ways. Fresh river trout in a thick yet balanced yellow curry is a warm embrace on your palate.

Trout is a freshwater fish, well known on the Portuguese menu. ABC+ sources theirs from the Rio Coura, in the north of the country. Rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, and flavor, this heavy hitter is a favorite in any sauce it shares. The curry sauce is designed to honor the spicy and strong flavors for which it is famed. Best paired with softer fish, this combination will melt in your mouth only shortly before it melts your heart.

SERVING: Filling out flavor in your next decadant rice dish, soaking through your favorite crusty loaf of bread, topped with a sharp and spicy herbal salad
MADE IN: Portugal
CAUGHT IN: Rio Coura, Portugal