Redondo Iglesias Whole Leg of Iberico de Cebo Ham (Grain fed)

Spanish Pig

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Iberico Cebo Campo Ham Bone In by Redondo Iglesias is a single piece obtained from the hind limbs of the Iberian pig, characterized by its streamline shape, the fineness of its shaft, with a black hoof, soft shiny fat and smooth texture.

It is 50% Iberico Breed. It has an exquisite, delicate flavor with an especially prolonged aroma on the palate. These berico pigs feed on aromatic grasses, legumes and natural grains that are high in sodium, fiber and protein. Small white-colored "specks" or "crystals" can be seen when cut, which are a sign of a slow curing process, low salinity and superb quality. Imported from Spain.

Should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Best consumed within 6 months of purchase. Presentation: Whole, bone-in, skin on and hoof cut off. Cardboard box for safe transit.

Ingredients: Iberico Pork ham, Mediterranean Sea salt. Cured for 30 months. All natural, minimally processed and no artificial ingredients. Contains no nitrates or nitrites except for the naturally occurring nitrates in sea salt. Weight: 9.5 Kg aprox. SHIPPING RESTRICTION: charcuterie products can't be shipped to the U.S.